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One of Boston & New Hampshire's Best Children's Magicians!

Performing Kid Shows all over New England


Family fun Magic Shows for any age or event.

Magic for All Occasions

I can plan a Magic show for a specific event or just for fun! Here are some ideas.

Child Care & Preschool Parties

Day Care Centers and Preschools are a joy to visit!  The girls and boys are so excited to see "the Magic Man" they can hardly sit still!   For a lot of them, this is their first introduction to live entertainment... and I always  make it a good one!  

Library/School Events

Age-appropriate performances for all elementary grade levels. 

 I bring the Magic show to you.  The show is as much a treat for kids as going on a field trip, but this is an "in-house field trip,"  I will bring the fun to you no piling kids in a bus and taking them somewhere to have special fun.  The special fun, a live magic show, comes to you. Wherever your party might be, I can bring the magic to you. My magic tricks can be performed anywhere, and my  shows can be tailored to your needs. Program length varies, depending on the grade level and number of performances.


Retirement Home

I have performed magic shows for people, from 3 to 103 years old.  No one is ever too old to enjoy some magic.


What better way to celebrate than by having a magician bring a little extra magic to your party.

Magic Fred Magic Show

Summer Camp

The magic show is created especially for children.  The show features some of the most amazing magic tricks kids will ever see.  And, since the show is for children I do a number of tricks where the kid’s think they’ve figured it out only to discover a twist., there's lots of kid-friendly comedy in it to keep kids laughing while they're being amazed.

Our programs for these often consist of not only a great Magic Show, but close up walk-around magic! 

Family Friendly Company Parties

Magic Show is quality family entertainment for kids of all ages!

Fundraising Events

Crazy-funny puppets, and astounding magic tricks are all part of the show. Highly interactive and filled with laughter, everyone has a good time at the greatest little shows on earth.


The Winter Holiday Magic Show will make your holiday party bustle with excitement!

Awards Banquets

Award Programs, or any other occasion are always enhanced by magic!  All shows again can work for families, kids, or adults.  

  • Reunions
  • Nursing Homes
  • Churches
  • Community Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Weddings
  • Open Houses 
  • "Welcome Home"

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