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Frequently Asked Questions

I try to anticipate questions you might have about my PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here.

Do you perform for adults?

Yes, but I specialize in children's entertainment. I loved the amazement and wonder that I see in the children when I perform, and I decided that I was going to dedicate myself to being the very best children's entertainer I could be! Yes, I can do the show, but know that I will be performing for the children. But the adults will enjoy the show too.

How much space do you need?

How much space do you have? I can work in an area as small as four feet by eight feet, with the closest audience members about two feet away. A little more space, however, is better. I often do shows for fifteen or more kids in a living room. I have also worked in clean garages (make sure there is nothing the kids could hurt themselves with, such as power saws).

What do I need to provide?

An audience, a space to work in, and, for children’s shows, at least one adult. For larger shows, and shows in noisy areas, access to one AC outlet (ordinary household current), to power my sound system, if we need it. Also, for outdoor shows, in warm or hot weather, I would like some shade. Neither the children, nor the performers will do well with an hour’s in the full glare of the sun. I bring all the necessary props and provide all the supplies I need for the show. (For larger shows and shows in noisy areas, it would be really neat if you could also run a heavy-duty extension cord from the outlet to the place where you would like for us to perform; however, we also bring our own extension cords, which we can use, if needed.) 

How far ahead do I need to book the show?

I wish I knew! I'm not an agency. I do all our shows, so if a time is taken, it’s taken. Some dates and times are booked months in advance. But usually, if you contact me a month or so before your party, there is a good chance that I can find a time that’s good for both of us. Of course, sometimes I can accommodate you if you contact me a few days before the party.

Where do you usually perform?

I perform anywhere children and families are present. Birthdays, schools, preschools, school age daycares, scouts, fairs, libraries, picnics and even weddings where you want me to entertain the kids while adults are involved in other activities. That is just to name a few, there are of course other places children and families gather, that my shows offer a lot of entertainment.

What one might expect to pay for a show?

The price of my show depends on various factors such as whether it is a holiday, how much time the client wants me to perform, whether it is strolling magic or a standup show, environment, number of guests in attendance, whether it is a corporate or private event, how far I must travel and parking fees.

Do you require a deposit?

No, a deposit is not required. You can pay me right after the show in either cash or a check. Even though it’s not required, we can write up a contract if desired. For customized shows, we may require an additional advance payment to cover the additional costs of customizing the show.

Do you require a contract?

No. However, if you require one, I will happily do it, and have them ready. From my experience, almost always Schools and Companies want or require them. Birthdays and child care centers don't need or require them. The reason I don't always do them, simply, because they are a paper tracking nightmare, (I mail you 2 copies of contract, you sign both copies and mail both copies back to me, I sign both copies and mail back to you one copy) I don't feel that child care centers and birthday parents have the time to get all that done, Schools and Companies have employees, that is their job, plus they usually book far enough ahead, that there is time for all this paper shuffling to get done.

Do you use animals in your show?

I currently do not have any animals in my show. Animals can create many problems due to their unpredictable nature. Animals can also incite any allergies that kids may have. Plus, omitting animals allows me to keep the price of my show low and allows my show to be so flexible in my performances

Do you teach magic?

I do teach magic for the children between the ages of 6 & 12. I offer the workshops for school age childcare centers, birthday parties and just about any other places children gather. In the workshops, the participants get all kinds of cool stuff; big magic wand, a booklet on how to do additional magic with things found around the house and I teach them at least 6 other tricks and provide all the materials they will need to do the magic tricks. 

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