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Party Tips

•  Have the show on a level surface.
•  Every performance is arranged so the audience faces Magic Fred (like a theater).
•  For indoor events it is best to have 8 feet of space from the wall to the first row of guests.
•  If outside, the sun should be behind the children so they do not look into it.
•  Performances should not be in traffic zones like doorways and patios.
•  Reroute traffic flow by closing off areas, if needed.
•  Don't tie balloons to chairs, tables or the foot of the stage because they obscure the view.
•  Distractions should be removed - food, pets, toys, balloons, music & games.
•  Magic Fred usually arrives 45 minutes early (or more). Allow 30 minutes to set-up the sound system, assemble tables and other props.
Kids at a Party

•  No one should sit or stand beside the show including set-up time because of the space required to assemble things and the distraction they cause.
•  Videotaping or photography is welcomed.
•  A parking space and a hand carrying things are appreciated because I usually need help to load equipment (up to 6 trips).
•  Strolling magic should be considered when a stand-up show is not possible.

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Shows are generally scheduled a half hour or more after the party starts which is a good time for the show to start because some people may arrive late.

Contact me in Dover, New Hampshire, to get more details on my fun-filled puppetry and astounding magic tricks.