Retirement Homes

Magic Fred has performed magic shows for people,from 3 to 103 years old.  No one is ever to old to enjoy some magic.

Our programs for these often consist of not only a great Magic Show, but close up magic and illusions!  Normally one hours of entertainment is provided but more time can be added.  The entertainment can be non-stop for the entire event!  The shows can be done inside or out! And your guests will rave about what they experienced!  Tons of fun for everyone! Discounted rates for combining strolling magic with a magic show.


Close-up magic is right for intimate settings with small groups of people, or small clusters of people in a large group.  The magician performs magic within a few feet of the spectators' eyes.  This type of magic engages and intrigues the audience of spectators. This is ideal for large or small parties, In large settings, the magician strolls from group to group performing magic.  

For walk-around magic (or strolling magic or table hopping) each “show” is only a few minutes long, but you can book us for an hour, or several hours, depending on your needs. offers a wide variety of clean family shows to fit most entertainment

Astounding magic tricks are all part of the show. Highly interactive and filled with laughter, everyone has a good time at the greatest little show on earth.