What Does A Magic Fred Show Consist Of?

Fred’s show is always full of clean, family-friendly humor, with great props, and stupendous magical acts. He’ll even adjust the content of his show to fit the audience. This is truly a show for children of all ages (adults included). 

One of the best things about booking a Magic Fred show is he has the capability to bring the entire show with him. From a top-quality Bose sound system to a beautiful well-lit red velvet magic backdrop, Fred has everything to create the illusion of being in a professional theater.

Best of all, the Magic Fred show is truly an interactive experience. Whether he’s cueing the audience to should the magic words or inviting lucky guests up to be his assistant, you can be sure you’ll have an active, captive audience at all times. His shows are truly an unforgettable magical experience. 

While most shows run 45 minutes to an hour, Fred is happy to accommodate longer shows as well. Simply give Fred a staging area and around half an hour to set up, and he’ll take it from there.

Book A Magic Fred Show Today!

If you’re planning a community event in Maine, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire, choose Magic Fred for your entertainment. Your guests will have a truly magical experience they won’t soon forget. 

However, unlike his magic tricks, once a time slot disappears it’s gone forever. So don’t delay and book a Magic Fred show today!