Magicians have long fascinated the world, even as far back as ancient Egypt. While modern magicians may not claim to call upon supernatural powers as in the days of old, they still continue to wonder, amaze, and entertain.

In today’s post, Magic Fred is going to cover some of the most famous magicians in recent history. While you may have heard some of their names, you’ll probably also glean a few new facts about these modern wonder performers.

Lance Burton

Lance Burton is one of Las Vegas’s most well-known magicians. While he’s currently retired, over the course of his career he performed over 15,000 shows for over 5 million people. 

In 1994, Burton had the “Mantle of Magic” passed to him by magic legend Master Magician Lee Grabel, giving Burton a place in history as the newest member of “The Royal Dynasty of Magic.” 

Additionally, Burton has starred in TV specials and was a regular guest on nighttime talk shows such as “The Late, Late Show” with Craig Kilborn and “The Tonight Show,” with Jay Leno.

David Copperfield

David Copperfield (whose name was taken from Charles Dickens’ novel of the same time) is one of the most financially successful magicians of all time.

Copperfield has earned 21 emmy awards for his television shows, made over four billion dollars, and broken almost a dozen world records. On top of that, he even started a charity called Project Magic that uses magic as a form of therapy for people who suffer with various disabilities.

David Blaine

David Blaine is most popularly known for his death-defying stunts (he was even “buried alive” for seven days in a plastic box) and popular street magic performances. 

Since then, Blaine has made his mark by continuing to push the limits of human endurance, being frozen in a large block of ice for 64 hours in Times Square. After that, he stood atop a 100 foot pillar — with no safety net — for 36 hours, only to leap onto a stack of cardboard boxes when it was all over.

Blaine is a stunning example of the insane feats the human body is capable of. He’s also a great showman and fantastic magician.

Harry Houdini

No list of magicians could possibly be complete without the most famous one of all: Harry Houdini. Although he initially started as a card performer, Houdini would eventually shift gears and soon became renowned for his escape artist abilities.

However, even 93 years after his death, Houdini continues to baffle the imagination and still serves as an inspiration for many 21st century magicians.

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