What Sets A Magic Fred Show Apart From The Rest?

One of the best things about booking a magic show with Magic Fred is that he brings the magic to you. Fred’s setup features a top-quality Bose sound system as well as a beautiful red velvet backdrop that really creates the illusion of being in a professional theater. 

Fred is also sensitive to the particular audience he’s performing for. He’ll tailor the jokes and entertainment based on the age of the audience. If he’s performing for younger children, he’ll utilize fun puppets and wacky magic tricks. For an older audience, he’ll focus on “cool” magic and tricks that will truly impress. 

With Magic Fred, you’ll never gut a cookie-cutter show, but a personalized experience your audience will love. You can even customize your magic show packages with fantastic add ons like a magic lesson, face painting, and gift sets.

Schedule Your Magic Show Before Your Date Disappears

Fred is always looking for ways to serve the New Hampshire community, after all, it’s the place he calls home. One of the unique benefits of working with Magic Fred is that he won’t charge for travel — unless you’re exceptionally far away.

If you have a children’s birthday party, library event, or any other community function, contact Magic Fred for a truly personalized magic show that your guests won’t soon forget.