Finding the right entertainment for a children’s birthday party or family-friendly community event can be tough. And there are many great options in the New England area, so that doesn’t make it any easier.

One option that delights children of all ages (and, yes, that includes adults) is a magic show. Magic fascinates, engages the mind, and captures the attention unlike any other performance act. And while we may have our biases as a Dover party magician, we believe it’s one of the best choices you can make. 

After you’ve decided that hiring a magician is the direction you want to go, from there it’s just a matter of choosing the right act. As New England’s most highly sought after local magician, we wanted to share some of the top reasons to choose Magic Fred.

And since there’s so many great reasons to choose a Magic Fred show for your next event, we decided to dedicate two posts to this topic, just so we could fit it all in. So without further ado, let’s get on with the show! Or, you know, the blog post…

Reason #1: Magic Fred Brings The Magic Show To You

Rather than shuttling a bus full of children to a performance, Magic Fred brings the magic to your front door. Fred’s show can be performed anywhere, and he brings everything he needs with him. Simply set aside a stage area where he can set up.

Better yet, Magic Fred doesn’t charge any additional fees for travel. Simply call, and let him know where you’re at, and he’ll be happy to let you know if it’s inside his regular service area.

Reason #2: Lit-Up Theatrical Backdrop

Magic Fred has a well-lit red velvet backdrop he uses to enhance the magic of the show. This helps create the illusion you’re no longer in a living room or classroom, but actually in a theater-like setting. It’s also great for creating photo opportunities.

Your guests will truly feel like it’s showtime when they’re treated to this professional backdrop.

Reason #3: Top-Quality Bose Sound System

Great music is an essential part of any show. To that end, Magic Fred spared no expense to offer the best possible sound quality at all of his events by using Bose speakers. It’s a portable system that comes with battery backup, so if there’s no nearby outlets, that’s not an issue!

This is especially important for large events where Fred is performing for audiences of a hundred or more. Whether a child is in the front seat or in the way back, they’ll be able to hear Fred just as clearly.

Reason #4: Jam-Packed 45 Minute Show

Magic Fred’s show typically runs about 45 minutes and is full of family-friendly jokes, spectacular magic, and will keep your audience spellbound the entire time.

The show length can be adjusted based on your event needs. Fred will even adjust the show based on the age of the audience, doing fast-paced, fun, silly tricks for younger audiences and “cooler” magic for a slightly older crowd.

Book A Show With Dover’s Top Party Magician

Stay tuned for our next post. In the meantime, feel free to contact Magic Fred to learn even more about his show or to book a spot before it vanishes forever.