1. Always Fabulous

    The show itself is always fabulous. Our visitors LOVE when he comes to the museum. He's engaging, funny, super talented and always goes the extra mile to make sure every child has an enjoyable experience (which is impressive when there are hundreds of children!…Read More

    Meredith Anne
  2. Crowd Pleaser

    Magic Fred is always a crowd pleaser when he comes to perform at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire in Dover! Perfect performer for a young audience in both larger groups or just roaming around an event. Thanks for sharing the magic, Fred!…Read More

    Neva Cole
  3. Mesmerized

    We had Fred come and give a magic show to 20+ kids ages 1-4. Despite this being a very young crowd, Fred had them mesmerized the entire time!!!! It was a very entertaining show and I would highly recommend him.…Read More

    Laura Stoll